Honduras is a country that has opened its doors to foreign students. Apart from the formal academic courses that anyone can study, if they have the correct entrance qualifications and proficiency in Spanish, there are other, shorter term programs that add to your credits. Major universities have partnered up with other foreign universities to offer summer or semester long courses. If fact, Honduras hosts many students every year from all over the region.

Because of its unique biodiversity there are many different courses on offer through an assortment of organizations. It is possible to study tropical ecology, conservation, animal welfare, natural science and marine biology. There is even a dolphin study program.

Many sociology, social studies and development studies students have a once in a life-time opportunity to study in an environment that is fresh and new as Honduras struggles to develop both economically and socially. Within these courses are lectures on economics and politics plus development theories that can be tested by the students as they are required to live and work with local families and also get involved in hands-on community programs. There are rural development studies too.

Most of these courses are short term, but some are full exchange programs. Student teachers can get practical experience by working as assistants in the cities bilingual schools. Other areas of study are elementary and special education.

Less academic study is found in the various Spanish language schools. Probably seen more as recreational than serious learning, is scuba diving. These schools can be found on the islands and not only can you learn to scuba dive, but you can also get a recognized qualification as a scuba diving instructor!


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