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It is difficult to speak about Mexico, or any country, as a whole. However, we believe there are three main things everybody should know about Mexico before visiting!

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Mexico is all about having a good time

It sounds cliche, but people in Mexico want to relax, put things off to manana (tomorrow), and have fun. It is a very laid back, relaxed culture (at least it is in Puerto Vallarta) and that sets the stage for a life full of fun, adventure, and laughter. Compared to Mexico, the United States seems so serious. We are all freaked out about the latest news story, rushing off to work, and keeping up with the latest TV shows drama. We didn’t sense any of that in Puerto Vallarta. People are relaxed, calm, and in control. It was contagious and we loved it!

People are extremely friendly

We can say that without a doubt, some of the nicest and most friendly people that we have ever met living in Puerto Vallarta. Locals and expats alike. Whether it was a friendly smile, an unexpected conversation, or receiving help on the local bus, the friendliness of the Mexican people is amazing. If you treat people with respect, dignity, and try speaking their language (even if it’s a terrible attempt), they may just return those favors with kindness:)

It is not uncommon for your neighbors to invite you over to get togethers, parties, or just to have dinner. That never happened to us in the United States.

It’s not as dangerous as you may think

First, let us say that before you travel you should always check the U.S. State Department warnings about the area you are thinking of traveling to. Are there parts of Mexico that are dangerous? Yes. Are they the areas you are likely to travel to? No! When we lived in Puerto Vallarta we never once felt unsafe. In fact, the people are so friendly that if anything we felt more safe there than we did living in Dallas! We aren’t so naive to think that there aren’t theives or dangerous criminals in Mexico or Puerto Vallarta. As always, be aware of your surroundings at all time, don’t flash expensive jewelry or pull large amounts of money out of your purse/wallet! Following similar rules is a good idea no matter where you are traveling too. Especially in the United States!


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Mariachi bands are a real things

This may seem silly to some, but I thought mariachi bands were something we had in cheesy Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas. Nope. They are a real thing and they are awesome! There is nothing better than eating at a restaurant and having the table next to you pay for a mariachi band play music. It’s like being in a piano bar, except the piano bar is at the beach, the restaurants, our in the streets, and sometimes on your neighbor’s balcony!

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hillary gregHillary, a cat loving CPA and Greg, a book nerd turned explorer extraordinaire have been married for three years. They absolutely love traveling and inspiring and helping others to find adventure in life. Since marrying in 2014, they have invested their time and money into traveling as often as possible. They live their life by following one simple phrase: have less, do more, be more. You can read more about their story over on their blog at http://www.KineticKennons.com and on Twitter (https://twitter.com/KineticKennons) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kinetickennons)


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