Whenever International travelers visit the United States, they typically think of all the usual tourist traps such as Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls and maybe even Chicago. However, there are other places in this beautiful country, the third largest on earth by the way, that have major attractions not at first obvious to someone who hasn’t been here before. The State of Utah is one such place where there is much to offer but not usually in the front pages of travel magazines. If you are planning a trip to the United States, you just might want to check out these three reasons to visit Utah. There’s more to the state than the Great Salt Lake!


1. A Real Interior Salt Lake

Speaking of that Great Salt Lake that even has a city named after it, did you know this is the only truly salt lake in the interior of a country anywhere? Yes, there are others but they are not nearly as saline and not nearly as large. Here you can take boat rides on the water or visit some of the most amazing Mormon architecture as Utah is home to the largest community of Joseph Smith’s followers anywhere on earth. From the Mormon tabernacle to the renowned Brigham Young University, there is something about Salt Lake City that is unique in culture as well as in geography.

2. An Amazing 5 National Parks in One State

Whether you are looking for hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking or simply a day in nature, Utah has an amazing five national parks, all beautiful and all having something special to offer. If you are fascinated by rock formations, you might want to spend a day taking photos in Bryce Canyon. Here you will find beauty that is almost surreal in its otherworldliness. It’s like something out of a fantasy flick!

3. The Largest Ski Resort in the United States

Then there’s the largest ski resort in the contiguous 48 states. Park City Mountain Resort is where tens of thousands of skiers come each and every year to take advantage of a large resort with a multitude of amenities and local attractions. The only suggestion would be to book well in advance because this resort stays full most of the time with US skiers and those from other lands as well. Anyone who has visited the European ski resorts will splendor in Utah’s opulence.

So there you have just three reasons to put Utah on your itinerary if you are an International traveler. It is not a state you hear touted often but once you’ve been here you will want to come back again and again. From the greenest green scenery to brown rock formations that are second to none, there is beauty everywhere you look. The people are warm and friendly and welcome you with open arms so don’t forget to make your way through Mormon country taking a tour of sites like Brigham Young University and the Mormon Tabernacle where the famed choir performs each year. This is a part of America not highly marketed but once visited, highly appreciated. You can’t do better when touring the USA.


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