There are opportunities to study in Belize either by the semester or for a full academic year. In Belize there are partnerships with outside universities so foreign students can come and study a wide range of subjects. These range from anthropology to accounting. A lot of different courses are offered under the umbrella title of International studies. With its ethnic diversity it is a great place to test the relevant theories in the social sciences. For the English speaking student it offers a wonderful chance to taste Latin American and Caribbean culture without learning another language. In many cases credits earned in Belize can be transferred.

Belize is still pretty much virgin territory in terms of development and that coupled with the government’s stance on conservation means that there are plenty of programs to study the geosciences and all aspects ecology. As Belize it intend on increasing its tourism while protecting its wildlife and flora, there are amble opportunities for studying tourism management, sustainability and the environmental sciences.

For students of the medical sciences there is a rare opportunity to study health care alongside natural healing and learning traditional herbal remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation within the various ethnic communities. One of the courses that you can study is wilderness medicine. You can qualify as a wilderness first responder, which is a kind of first aider in the woods.  

Other, less serious endeavours come under the heading of outdoor skills, which covers such things as scuba diving, surfing and white water rafting.


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