Costa Rica is one of the most socially advanced countries in Latin America and it has a deserved reputation for academic excellence. There are over sixty universities in the country, the majority private, but also five public ones. It has become a destination for many thousands of overseas students over the years. The Costa Ricans have invested heavily in education, from the bottom up and now it is paying off with a highly educated population.

It seems to be a favourite destination for International Studies as it is a leader in environmental change and innovation. One academic program in Costa Rica offers four courses in one semester which include Latin American Studies, an intense language course and an optional sustainable development course in English, but it is only open to advanced language students. Some academic courses are by direct enrolment and are not set up as academic partnerships with overseas universities.

One School of Medicine actively seeks overseas students for its courses in medicine, psychology, pharmacy and nursing. All you have to do is pass an aptitude test. There are also courses on art, architecture and design. Many of the programs and courses on offer are quite flexible terms of studies and also the length of study, anything from a summer course to a full academic year.

Of course, it is also a favourite destination for learning Spanish in a non-academic fashion, with local host families, total immersion and one on one teaching. It is a center for scuba diving lessons too.

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