Panama has over ninety universities to choose from. Two of them are in the top world rankings of educational institutions. Because of the canal, which has been under U.S. administration until recently, there is a lot of American influence in Panama. So there are many branches of American universities there. Some operate academic programs themselves and others are in partnerships with the local Panamanian universities. It is said that the public universities are free to everyone, even foreign students, but don’t take that as gospel, because most educational institutions try to attract overseas students for the revenue they bring in.

One thing that is certain is that Panama is a good place to study in terms of diversity of courses and programs on offer. It is possible to study in Panama and obtain a diploma from an American college. Most of the academic courses are conducted in Spanish, so there is a language requirement, but there are also courses that are entirely in English. Like other Latin American countries, Panama is a good place to find international studies. It also is noted for its research into tropical medicine. Apart from excellent courses on Latin American Studies it is a world leader in all the environmental sciences. One school concentrates on fieldwork as a subject and offers hands-on experience to those who are studying tropical ecology and marine ecosystems.

Panama is also one of those beautiful destinations for learning Spanish. It can be either a formal academic course, leading to a language degree or simply non-academic study that includes living with a host family and one to one tuition in very pleasant surroundings. 


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