For a very small country El Salvador has many universities, although only about eight are considered to be of adequate quality. These universities welcome foreign students if they can fulfil the academic entrance requirements and both read and write Spanish. They offer the same courses as you would find in every other seat of learning.

Many foreign universities have exchange programs with Salvadorian colleges and schools so that students can come and study a wide range of subjects for a semester or so. The students not only learn the subjects that they are studying, but also have a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about a different culture.

There is one successful course that takes high school girls from the United States on a tour of the country and teaches them to develop their outdoor skills. This is a semester long course that not only teaches practical skills, but has an academic content too. During their stay, they learn such subjects as general biology, history, math, creative writing and literature. On top of all that they also learn Spanish and about another culture. They also earn credits for their college degree. This scheme operates in other Latin American countries too.

Other things to study in El Salvador are courses on cultural and regional studies, political science and politics, as well as religious studies. Sustainable development and social change are also popular subjects to study for foreign students. There are religious universities where you can study liberation theory in both English and Spanish. Full immersion Spanish courses, plus salsa and surfing can be found too.


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