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After months of research, and preparation, you and your family landed in Greece. You finally made it. Airplane landed, your luggage by your side, and you’re finally there.

If you made reservation for transport of your furniture, and/or pet, you are settled for it; you know when the furniture will arrive, and when and where will be picked up, therefore you have to act and set your schedule on it. If it goes separately, and you don’t need to do anything about it, you still need to be present at your new accommodation when the shipment arrives.

If not, you’re on your own, and you don’t have to rush. Just go with the flow (leave your luggage to your new accommodation and you’re free to explore. Maybe you’re tired, and want to sleep or relax, which can also be good, but it’s advised to get to know your environment before you can calm and relax. Convenience stores, drugstores, and your personal needs suppliers locations, and some sights to see, would be good to have in note for a first stroll. If you haven’t found your accommodation yet, and you just came to the country like nomad with your luggage only, hotels are at your disposal, anywhere. Services like AirBnB and Vacation Rentals have loads of choices for you to get a room, or a temporarily place to rest and regain your energy.


In Greece, taxi is the main transport way, used the most in the whole country. Only Athens have metro and a bit wider approach to this topic. The movement from A to B  via bus in this country is developed, and you have many connecting lines between cities, and smaller towns as well. The prices wary from place to place, but they are reasonable, and below some European standards. You can also rely on your apps for explorations as Internet conections on Greece are well. (Some islands can’t agree with this statement)

For safe use of your cell phone, it is recommended buying a Greek SIM card and avoid roaming. Companies that provide services in this field are Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind. You can get about 500 mgb of data and 1000 sms messages for around 5 euros.

Internet cafes, cafeterias and hotels with WiFi are everywhere, and you’l have a pleasant time anywhere, since you can easily get the password when you are a guest. (When you buy something, but then memorize it, so you can use it from a distance as well)

A good advice for explorers would be to have a ride with some Greek tours companies around the place, and find out about the place much faster with them. You can explore Athens for a cheap price with

Quick Useful Tips

  • Emergency number for Medical services – 122
  • Fire Service – 199
  • Ambulance – 166
  • Police – 100
  • Tourist police – 171
  • Coast Guard – 108
  • Special Violent Crime Squad – 1014
  • Forest fire service – 191
  • Greece country code – 30


For starting point on going for work, you need to know some information about visas and working holidays and list of laws and rules around the country, just to get some understanding how things operate here. Ministry of foreign affairs site is a good place to visit too.

Get started with life

Your visa and work permition is allready settled out on the ideal scenario. If not, make sure to contact nearest immigration office or registration office.

This goes with employment too. If you haven’t secured one yet, start with a search for a job as fast as possible. Here, here, here, here and here you can find some info and possibilities.

For getting permanent lodging, you need to check this site first, and than when you know the terms and conditions, search for a home here.

If you have some children, look for a school to enroll them. Be sure to put them into school where your native language is spoken, and where they would adapt at best rate possible.

Start learning Greek language, to make your life easier. There is many places in cities where you can find language schools, and sign up and start as fast as possible. To blend in, you must know Greek language. This site will help, and it’s free.

A bank account would be a good consideration here. You can find great info here.

If you have some friends from your previous Greek experiences, now it’s the time to get in touch with them. Ask about anything that interests you, so you can get familiar with many rules, ways life works, and simple life knowledge that will help you get established.

Friends can make this transition much easier and quicker, as well as more comfortable. Greeks are friendly and nice hosts, and good friends. After they let you in their community, you can always count on help, friendly advice, and many more.

If it sounds a bit overcomplicated, and overwhelming, don’t get scared. Just calm down and relax, you have the time, and you will do everything wright. Here is a good forum where you’l find many people just like yourself, and possible make some friends.

We wish you a good luck, and a good life in Greece.

Article credit:Dejan from Zante Holiday Insider

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