Just Landed

Just landed

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By Sabina Livia

You should expect the...

Sally Jensen

Just landed

You’ve managed to fit your “essentials” into a spacially-limited suitcase, choose a suitable flight, get on it and depart the motherland. After braving the aeroplane grub, ill-mannered...

Dejan from Zante Holiday Insider

Just landed

After months of research, and preparation, you and your family landed in Greece. You finally made it. Airplane landed, your luggage by your side, and you’re finally there.

If you made...

Just landed

If you’re an expat looking to make your move to Nicaragua, it’s a good idea to register with your local embassy. US Embassy non-emergency services for US citizens are available by...

Photo by Gustavo Acero

Just landed

Landing in Santiago is pretty standard. The airport is easy to navigate and you should be through immigration, baggage, and customs pretty...

Comorian Francs

Just landed

Voila! After all the researching and the preparing months to Comoros you’ve decided to fulfill your dream and here you are! You’ve made...