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Technology is now taking over our lives, we cannot go anywhere or do anything without it. When it comes to breaks away or a holiday, it is now mandatory snap pictures of ourselves exploring, lounging, eating, drinking etc and to load it on to a social networking site. When taking a selfie, there are a few guidelines to adhere to to make sure it is perfect and stands our from the crowd:-

1. Your hair and make up must be on point

2. You must angle your face so that you don’t have a multitude of chins

3. Your surroundings must be pretty interesting

In London, there are so many glorious selfie opportunities that you will find yourself truly spoilt for choice. This guide gives you a list of the best places in the city to produce the perfect selfies and, with prime locations such as this, it will be hard to choose the best picture for your profile.

Selfie in LondonMadame Tussauds

Naturally Madame Tussauds had to be the very first choice due to the abundance of selfie opportunities. Known for its uncanny ability to produce wax figures that are identical to celebrities, historical figures, superheros, sports personalities and even murderers, Madame Tussards is probably the most selfied place in London and why wouldn’t it be when you can get up, close and personal to Daniel Craig, Marilyn Monroe, Cheryl Cole or Princess Diana? There is always a flow of new waxwork figures being created to keep up with the flow of new celebrities coming into the spotlight, so even if you have been before it is worth going again as there will be something there that you haven’t seen before. Madame Tussauds can be found on Baker’s Street which is situated a short walk away from the Park Grand London Kensington.

The London Eye

One of the highest points in London that gives a breathtaking view of the city, the London Eye is one of the greatest places to take a selfie because, no matter which angle you take it from, you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic result. If you’re on Southbank itself, a shot down the River Thames with the London Eye behind you is going to impress the masses but, if you’re taking the round trip, shots from all different stances in the glass pod will give an fantastic panoramic view of London, leaving all friends and acquaintances completely jealous of your amazing selfies.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Now, this may only appeal to a specific type of person, namely film enthusiasts or Harry Potter fans. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a wonderful day out where fans of the film and book franchise get to see where the film was made, the props, costumes and they even get to enjoy a glass of Butterbeer too. If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you will have a series of spectacular selfie shots during the tour including one in the Great Hall, with the Mirror of Erised, in DUmbledore’s office, with the Hogwarts Express, outside the Dursley’s home, with Aragog, Hagrid and Buckbeak but the real money is a selfie in Diagon Alley itself. The tour itself can be a bit pricey but you can find it as part of a London hotels discount deal so all you need to worry about is making sure your battery is fully charged, you wouldn’t want to miss the selfie opportunity when you’re dressed in robes and on a broomstick would you?

Tower Bridge

Everyone in the world recognises the sight of Tower Bridge. Its Victorian structure dominates the Thames landscape and it is a great place to include in the background of your selfie. You have several great photo opportunities here; you can stand with the bridge behind you, you can stand on the bridge so you can get a clear shot of the famous Tower of London behind you; you can stand on the bridge with the clear shot of the River Thames behind you and maybe even get some of London’s other famous landmarks in too. If you’re done with selfies on the bridge, why not head inside the bridge and take a tour to see the workings of the Victorian masterpiece and get some selfies there too. Also, don’t forget to take a boat ride along the Thames, you will be able to get an incredible shot underneath Tower Bridge too.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

It is against the law of selfies to visit London and not get a picture with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background. Ok, there is no law of selfies but if there was that would definitely be one. This building is the most influential building in the UK; it was the Palace of Westminster back in the day where the Kings and Queens would rule over Britain and, in more recent years, it became a house of politics, where the most powerful people govern our country. The Queen still roams its halls but as a visitor rather than a tenant and, because it is a government building and we are a democracy, it is open to the public so you could even go into the Houses of Parliament and get some selfies in there.

Big Ben is possibly the most famous clock in the world as it is featured on the news, television programmes and blockbuster films such as James Bond. It is called the Elizabeth Tower and the bell itself is called Big Ben and both are iconic and incredibly British which is the perfect recipe for a selfie.

London Bus

Bus Tour

If you want a multitude of selfies thick and fast with the most famous sights in London then a bus tour is just the ticket. There are stops all across the city that will allow you to jump on and get snaps with St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, just to name a few. There tends to be a lot of traffic in London so the bus stops frequently, allowing for the perfect selfies with some of the best spots in the city. 


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