Due to poor economy and the badly performing manufacturing sector, unemployment in Zimbabwe is estimated to be around 75%. However the real level of unemployment is virtually impossible to determine because a vast majority of the Zimbabweans earn a living through the informal sector. The country has become a “nation of traders” with people setting up shops outside markets and any available open spaces.

Harare, the capital city also has its fair share of people selling goods from the side walk and flea markets. While, professional jobs in Zimbabwe are almost non-existent, it is possible to bring something into the country and sell it locally to support your stay. Casual jobs at tourist location are also rather limited due to cheap local labour. Even if you manage to land something the pay will be so little that it may not be worthwhile.

Agriculture is the largest sector of the economy. While work at commercial farming sector might be possible, again the pay is so little that it may hardly be worth the effort. Skilled and profession workers for the mining sector get better pays but the jobs in this sector are usually filled from within the ranks and recommendations of existing workforce. International NGOs working in the country also advertise jobs at times. The best way to attain those would be to look through the local newspapers or search specific agencies online.


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