There are a number of ways to find professional work in British Virgin Islands after all roughly half of the workers in the country are expatriates. While most of these workers originate from the UK, Canada, South Africa and U.S.A many other nationalities are also represented. 

The financial, trust and law sector offer a wide range of job opportunities. A large number of the people get their jobs through contacts or by online applications. Many of the law and financial sector employees are hired from the respective company’s other offshore branches, but people with experience in different countries stand a good chance of landing a job also. Another job option in the British Virgin Islands has to do with boating crews. A lot of the boat crews get hired when they are making deliveries and while they might not aggressively be looking for a job, they meet prospective employers in the circuit. For boating crew jobs one has to be present on location to stand an honest chance, word of mount too plays a vital role in finding jobs in this industry. The departing crew frequently makes recommendations to their owners. The Virgin Island government hires qualified individuals for positions in the Public Service sector. Majority of these jobs are filled by British Virgin Island citizens, foreign nationals with technical and specialist skills are also hired on fixed-term contracts, if no locals meet the criteria.

It should be noted that looking for work while on tourist or other visa is illegal. Also seeking part-time work only can lead to ineligibility for a work permit. The prospective employer is responsible for applying for work permit on your behalf and only after proving by advertising for two successive weeks, that a qualified Virgin Islander was not available. The employer also has to pay the fee for the work permit.


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