In a country wherein political sanctions govern everything from the media to immigration, to hope to find a well paying and stable job would be a little unrealistic. But if you are willing to compromise a little on your pay package as also your freedom of speech, then Myanmar could prove to be an interesting destination.

Over the last decade or so while the world has been steadily transforming into a global workplace, Myanmar has been relatively left out of the loop with very few multinationals ever making it to the domestic market. The direct implication of this is lack of knowledge as also educational qualifications amongst the local people. 

These are the niches wherein an outsider can hope to find a job in namely teaching English at affordable rates or even free of charge and as a marketing or software consultant. There are plenty of opportunities for unskilled workers too like builders and handymen courtesy of new projects being undertaken as a part of renaissance phase that the country is presently going through. Some of the other openings pertain to teaching and looking after special children, disaster management and working as a volunteer under the umbrella of an NGO.

Working in Myanmar is not just about doing a job. Some of the aspects that you will have to consciously monitor pertain to the way you dress, respect for local people and their culture and religion and steering clear of government related issues. In return, you will be privy to a beautiful country and may even grasp a new language. 


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