Currently Mongolia is the land of opportunities. While growth of the economy is driven by mining of its vast natural resources, numerous opportunities exist in the supply chain and services sectors.  There is a shortage of basic services in the country and young entrepreneurs with a talent can establish business in Mongolia, in services that are not yet available in the market. The country offers a stable environment to foreigners willing to set up businesses and establish a monopoly in a given field. Currently the government is making it fairly easy to set up businesses in the country.  However, Mongolians are very business minded and will take on any new business ideas they see prospering, so competition will soon follow.

It is difficult to just show up and expect to find a job in Mongolia. The demand for foreign labour is rather limited.  Should you find a job after landing in the country, chances are that the pay will be rather low, most likely the same as that of locals. Development agencies in the country have good opportunities, but most of them hire from their home countries.

Permission to work in Mongolia is relatively easy to obtain, if you happen to be hired locally. In a majority of the cases, they employer will perform this duty. Teaching English is one option available for those seeking a job after landing in the country. The government is pushing to integrate English into the public school curriculum, so there are jobs in public schools. Some private schools in the capital city also welcome foreign English speaking teachers. Universities also hire teachers, although they have a much stricter hiring policies as compared to public or private schools.


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