Finding a job in Lebanon can be a challenge indeed. Part of this is due to the fact that an average Lebanese citizen speaks three and sometimes four languages fluently. They have Bachelors’ and frequently Masters’ degrees and most importantly they have spent their whole lives building connections in the country. To land a job in Lebanon the first rule is who you know more than what you know!

One way to counter the connection issue is to find unpaid internships, which are very common in Lebanon. It is common even for individuals holding Masters’ degrees to begin with such internships. This is especially true when applying to a job with a national or multi-national company with a lot of applicants competing for the post.

Another work opportunity for university students is to apply for limited time research assistantships. Different universities advertise these posts on their campuses. This offers a good way to not only build connections but earn a little extra income. At times universities also recruit teachers for summer months only. This provides foreigners to experience Lebanon while earning enough to support themselves. Many times accommodation and ticket are provided.

If you are lucky enough to land a job in Lebanon, then the question work visa arises. Citizens of approximately 60 countries (mostly Asian and African) are entitled to get a three month work visa provided they get the mandatory preapproval from The General Directorate of Security after preapproval from the Ministry of Labour. Citizens of other countries will have to look at the specifics of each country.


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