Cities like Hong Kong are much-loved by expatriates due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, outstanding educational facilities, and well developed health systems. Additionally, Hong Kong welcomes an English-speaking work force.

Despite worldwide recession, Hong Kong is a financial hub and as such has a growing need for skilled workers. Currently applicants for jobs in banking and IT sectors are particularly in demand. Furthermore, skills in accounting, finance and the legal sector have a great potential.

For individuals with backgrounds in the hospitality industry, be it as a manager or a concierge, the chances of employment are also bright. The city is laden with international chains in need of workers.

A lot of international news organizations and publishing houses retain offices in Hong Kong, and individuals with backgrounds in journalism too have good potential for employment.

The working environment in Hong Kong is very different from that found in the west. It is important to be respectful of the cultural sensitivities. For example, in Hong Kong it is the boss who always pays the bill! Also, both hands are used when exchanging business cards. Building relationships is important to the people of Hong Kong, so one often has to entertain a lot in order to be successful.

People wishing to work in Hong Kong require a Work Permit. This is obtained after one has a job offer in hand. Hong Kong Immigration Service is thoroughly professional and efficient. The permit takes six to eight weeks to process under normal circumstances and is valid from six months upwards.


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