Finding a job in Georgia can be a rather traumatizing affair, especially if you are looking for a professional job.  This is because there are hardly any options available for direct employment in the country. While there a number of international organizations along with NGOs operating out of Georgia, landing a job with one of them is best done by contacting their offices out of Georgia.

Teaching English is the one option that allows foreign workers to earn a respectable living. In order to increase English proficiency in the country, the Ministry of Education is looking to place English Language teachers in schools throughout the country. Fresh graduates looking for experience can not only earn some money but be a part of a unique culture, while enjoying the natural beauty and rich history of the country.

Georgia is a wine producing country and seasonal jobs in picking fruit can be found. Also, as tourism takes root in the country, the trend of giving tours to the many wineries situated near the capital city is also growing.  For this, English speaking tour guides are always in demand.

Short term employment is not very common in the country. However, with effort seasonal work in the winter at ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains is available. To actually land the job, it is best to go through the local papers or just visit the various sites and offer your services. In summers the beach resorts can offer some job opportunities.


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