Foreign nationals must be in possession of a residence as well as work permit to be able to legally live and work in Curacao. Having a job with a specified minimum income requirement is a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit. The individuals applying for a work/residence permit have to remain out of Curacao while the application is being processed, or the application can be rejected. If one is eligible for the residence permit, a security deposit depending on the country of origin must be deposited, which is returned when the foreign national finally leaves to return to their country of origin.  Dutch nationals do not require any work or residence permits.


Internships are possible in environment and marine life research facilities. However, durations of such internships and specific educational requirements vary as well as their availability. Internships related to dolphin studies may require interns to be physically fit or pass swimming tests. In some cases diving certifications may also be mandatory.

Causal employment in Curacao is possible in a number of different fields from managerial positions in some of the bigger stores on the island to providing security. Short term jobs can be obtained at the numerous hotels and resorts. However, laws are rather strict and illegal work can result in removal from the island to hefty fines and even jail term for the employer.


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