The Côte d’Ivoire is relatively well endowed with natural resources including some oil deposits, gold, diamonds, bauxite, iron ore and manganese some of which are yet to be exploited. Recent efforts to adjust its policies in the mining sector have seen the government take to working with mining companies in the country. The sector has jobs for professionals in a variety of capacities, which are accessible using industry specific search engines such as

Like much of Africa, Côte d’Ivoire has experienced some civil strife that has drawn international agencies into the country to assist with development and social issues. The existence of these agencies creates opportunities for professionals in various disciplines within these agencies. For example, Save the Children is active within the country and assists in satisfying various needs within the country. Professionals can join the organization to provide much needed medical expertise to serve the unmet needs of the population.

In addition to the above, the International rescue Commission (IRC) is also active n the country and provides opportunities for interested professionals. The IRC is a reputable organization, which goes to great lengths to cater for and public disclosure of its expenditure. The organization can cater for professionals interested in social projects including income empowerment programs.

It has been reported that in 2013 the investment within the cocoa industry declined and is likely to cause a hike in cocoa prices around the world. In addition to declines in investment it has been observed that poor management of trees and farms is responsible for these reduction in crop produced. This suggests an opportunity for agricultural experts to restore the cocoa production to profitable levels. It should be noted that the country is the largest global cocoa producer.


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