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Morocco is the Western most state in North Africa.  Her immediate neighbours include the Western Sahara to the south and Algeria to the East. North of Morocco is the Mediterranean sea and east of the country is the Atlantic ocean. The country is fairly large and is slightly larger than California covering almost 446,550 sq km. The country population is estimated to be in the range of 32 million and the capital city is known as Rabat.

Moroccan Climate and Landscape

The country enjoys typical Mediterranean climate which becomes more extreme in the interior. The northern coast and interior are mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus. The country also has valleys and rich coastal plain. The highest point in Morocco is 4.165m above sea level and lies in the Atlas mountain range.

Sights and Sounds of Morocco

When visiting Morocco among the popular sites to visit include the imperial cities such as Marrakech, Meknes and Fes. These cities have a lot of beautiful palaces, bazaars and busy town squares. In addition to these, Morocco ha s many beautiful beaches on its Atlantic coast. Some of the seaside cities include Essaouira, Tangier and Asilah. Visitors also often enjoy to hire camels and make a trek through the Sahara.

Moroccan people and Languages

The population comprises of 99% Arab-Berbers, 0.7% others and about 0.2% Jews. The country is almost 98% Islamic with the balance split between Jews and Christians. French is also widely spoken and used in commerce, it may be taken to the unofficial second language of Morocco. In recent years Spanish and English have also become increasingly used in the country.

Other Facts from Morocco

The Moroccan is a monarchy and the full name of the country is the Kingdom of Morocco. The Moroccan currency is known as the dirham denoted MAD. Though Morocco is a part of Africa, it remains outside the African Union opting for partnership with the Arab league. Within most of Morocco there is a strict adherence to Islamic law and as such establishing relationships with unrelated members of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited.


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