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Montenegro is one country that truly tests the skills of cartographers. It is next to impossible to write all the letters of its name in the miniscule space the country takes on a map! Situated in South-eastern corner of Europe between Serbia and Adriatic Sea, it is a country rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Due to its natural endowments, the Montenegro is focused on developing itself into an elite tourist destination. It is currently the fastest growing tourist spot in the world.

The seaside of the country is also referred to as its “Mediterranean face”. Its 293 km shoreline is lined with numerous indented bays, and 73 km of beaches. The variety of beach styles ranges from sand to those with pebbles of different sizes. Kotor Gulf is the largest bay, extending over 20 km inland.

The middle of the country is made up of two parts. The dry and barren Dinarian Mountains and the plains made up of Skadar Lake, Valley of Zeta River, Belopavlicka plains and Niksicko fields. Even though this part of Monenegro houses most of its population, there are fewer tourist attractions here. Some worth noting include: Centinje, the historical capital of the country, Duklja, with archaeological remains from the Roman era, and Ostrog monastery, a well known pilgrimage site.

The Northern part is also mountainous, but unlike the Dinarian range, these mountains have lush green forests and pastures with lakes and breathtaking canyons. Two national parks and a virgin forest under UNESCO’s protection are located here. Due to the region’s snowy winters, skiing tourism is fast developing in this area.      

Fast Facts:

Capital city:    Podgorica

Political system:   Parliamentary Republic

Currency:    Euro

Total area:   13,812 km (5,333 sq mi)

Ethnic Groups:    Montenegrins, Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians and Muslim Slavs

Language:   Serbian

Climate:   Mediterranean with hot dry summers, colder winters with heavy snowfall in the inland.


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