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Mauritius is a Southern African island located on the Indian Ocean just East of Madagascar. Coral reefs surround the volcanic main island. In addition to the main island, there are 20 smaller islands. The country is approximately 11 times the size of Washington D.C. The country’s capital is Port Louis and Mauritius population is estimated to be in the region of 1.3 million. Mauritius is the country with highest population density in Africa.

Mauritius Climate

The climate in the country is tropical though it is changed by the effect of southeast trade winds. Mauritius experiences a warm to dry winter in the months of May to November. It also has a hot, wet and humid summer that runs from November to May.

Mauritius Landscape and Wildlife

The Mauritian terrain is characterised by a small coastal plain that rises into discontinuous mountains that encircle a central plateau. Much of the Mauritian island is surrounded by coral reefs making it perfect for diving. The best attractions in the country are the beautiful sandy beaches and lagoons. Mauritius also has few unique bird species such as the parakeet, pink pigeon among others. The island was once home to the famous, but now extinct Dodo.

Mauritius People and Languages

The main language in Mauritius is Creole, spoken by almost 80% of the population. In addition to Creole, Bhojpuri is also widely used (12.1%). Though English is officially recognised, less than 1% of the country can speak the language.

Other Facts from Mauritius

Mauritius location in the sea led to its being a port of call for many super powers. The island has been controlled by Portuguese, Dutch, French, and eventually British. The country has had a stable democracy with regular elections and has managed to attract significant foreign investment. Due to these resources, Mauritius has a steady annual economic growth in the range of 5-6% as well as one of Africa’s highest per capita incomes. It is probably for this reason Mauritius has the highest life expectancy compared to all developing countries. The country is among the few nations that has no standing army.


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