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Kenya is among the most important east African States owing to stable democracy and its port, Mombasa, on the Indian Ocean. The country measures 586,650 square kilometres or about the same size of France. Kenya is the most popular safari destination in East Africa and has many interesting tourist attractions. Kenya’s capital is Nairobi and the population of the country is approximately 34 million.

Kenya: Climate and Landscape

The Kenyan terrain varies from the relatively low and flat coastal strip to the hilly and mountainous interior. Kenya lies on the equator and has tropical climate that varies from region to region. The highlands are generally cool almost all year round, the arid and semi arid regions are mainly hot and dry while the coast is hot and humid all year round. There are two rainy seasons, long rains from March to May and short rains from November to December. It’s best to visit between January and March and July to October.


Places to Visit in Kenya

The Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya is among the most popular parks in Africa, renowned for the annual Wildebeest migration. At the Mara, tourists can also get to view Lions, Rhinos, Elephants and many other species in their natural habitat. The coastal strip has many beautiful beaches and historical towns such as Lamu. Mountaineers can also venture up Africa’s second highest peak, Mt Kenya. The highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro is also just a few miles away in neighbouring Tanzania just off the Mara.

Kenya: People and Language

English is the official language in Kenya and is widely spoken in most towns. In addition to English, Swahili is a unifying factor spoken among all ethnicities in Kenya. There are over 50 ethnic groups in Kenya consisting of farmers, nomads and fishermen. The population consists mainly of Africans but has significant numbers from the Asian community, integral to the national economy. In addition, there are Arabs and Europeans.

Other Facts from Kenya

Despite significant economic growth between 2002 and 2013 political upheavals remains the main impediment to steady growth. Kenya recently discovered Oil and Titanium deposits whose extraction and exploration is still underway. Following the 2013 elections, Kenya ushered in a Federal system of government currently in  its pilot phase.


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