Preparing to live abroad? Or planning for a trip overseas or extended travel abroad? Or perhaps you are the perpetual tourist? Whether traveling for a short period of time or thinking of living abroad permanently The International Wanderer can help.

This resource section aims to provide you with information, links and helpful hints, tips and must-knows to help prepare you to go abroad and to guide you with once you arrive in your chosen country and throughout your stay.

In our blog you will find articles by expatriates on living abroad and moving overseas. You will also find articles or blogs written by travellers in the know.

The site hosts a wealth of travel abroad and live overseas resources. Including our country profiles, “how to” and “top tips” articles about going abroad and information for living, teaching, and working abroad.

You may wish to start by searching our Working Holiday Visas page to see which countries you can work in.

We’ll direct you to resources geared toward helping you live abroad for a while.

The number of people travelling overseas and living abroad has steadily grown over the past decade, as more people have become interested in exploring another language and culture and taking in all of the sights, flavours and sounds of a country.  

For others the appeal is finding an overseas job, internship or seasonal work

Then there are those that want to study abroad or find an internship abroad weather it be for a long term programme through a university or a short learning holiday where they pick up a new skill like cooking or windsurfing.

Finally there has also been a massive increase in those wanting to volunteer abroad.


Whatever the reason – more people are doing the research, identifying the right programme or resources to make their overseas experience successful and preparing to pack their bags and board the airplane.

There are a number of challenges that come with adapting to a new way of life in a foreign country, it helps for expatriates and travellers to be well informed about their host country and to know how to deal with the various aspects of moving abroad. 

This Living Abroad and Travelling Abroad resource section is intended to help you find in-depth information about preparing to leave your home country, what to expect when you’ve just landed in your destination country, hints, tips and must-knows to help you settle in and also information and check-lists on what you need to prepare once you are ready to depart and head home or to your next destination.

On The International Wanderer you will also find useful information on any country in the world as well as a plethora of resources that will help make your time abroad more successful and enjoyable. 

We provide country-specific resources and information on a variety of topics that are relevant to travellers and expatriates alike, as well as general resources which provide information common to all countries.

Be sure to stop by our Expat Communities page – where you can find communities of expats scattered all over the globe.



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