The British Virgin Islands have a prosperous economy and such their needs for volunteers are specialized. However, there are programs that are run in collaboration with the Ministery of Health and Welfare, Department of Agriculture and National Parks Trusts. Volunteer have the option of choosing from a wide array of activities they can participate in. Previously volunteers interested in working outdoors and don’t mind the physical labour have helped to build playgrounds, homes, pavilions, mountain lookouts, and walking trails. There are also options of working on local farms preparing fields, maintaining irrigation systems, harvesting seasonal fruits and feeding the livestock.

Additionally volunteers more interested in culture can volunteer for “special assignments” where they learn more about the local environment, economy and culture of Tortola Island. Volunteers spend time talking to locals exchanging stories of mutual interest. Workshops are also organized with local musicians, artisans and volunteers can engage in making smoothies out of the local fruits. Volunteers also have opportunities to attend festivals and play with the local children on the beach or listen to steel drum music.

Becoming a Red Cross volunteer is another possible option. Red Cross volunteers engage in a wide variety of activities including fundraising, carrying out first aid at public events, training others in first aid skills, providing HIV education and becoming a part of the disaster management team.


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