Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Central American region. For its size it has a small population that is scattered all over the country, largely in small communities. After three centuries of Spanish colonial rule it suffered military dictatorships and abuse from foreign governments and companies. In 1979 it became democratic and since has been trying to develop. It suffered a major blow in 1998 when it bore the brunt of Hurricane Mitch, which did untold damage.

Because of its under development in all areas Honduras has many organizations working to improve the lives of its people.  If you have the time and the will, Honduras would be a wonderful destination for both helping your fellow man and exploring a new and strange culture.

If you enjoy sand, sea and sun, then the bay islands in the Caribbean Sea off the north-east coast would be good for you. These islands are tourist destinations and so you will find all the distractions of a normal holiday there, but also there are conservation programs that you can volunteer for. Not only is there animal care and monitoring of flora and fauna, but educational roles too.

Other kinds of programs on offer are working in orphanages or teaching pre-school kids. Helping teenage mothers or home care for the elderly. Also, helping the disabled and abused women. You can teach basic health care, child care or volunteer for special education for the deaf and mute.

Alongside this you get to meet some gracious and warm-hearted people, who may host your stay and you can also explore mountains and forests to your heart’s delight.


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