Statistics show that Netherlands has the greatest percentage of volunteers in the world, with at least one in five people volunteering their time.  On average, volunteers donate five hours a week doing everything from reading out loud, to playing the piano, or helping with arts and crafts, teaching a language, and saving the environment. The list of activities where volunteers are needed is endless.

Volunteers are always in short supply in homes for the elderly. They are needed to help with evening outings and special events.  Volunteers escort residents to outdoor activities like concerts where they just assist in laying out chairs, chatting and enjoying the concert with the residents.

Another popular option is summer camp volunteer jobs. In these community based projects, volunteers help renovate and contribute by carrying out manual tasks in villages or educational set-ups. Some farms in these villages offer board and lodging in return for the work done.

Another type of volunteer work usually done by students involves interning in a field of interest. The main function of such work is to gain career related experience. These apprenticeships are not limited to just white-collar jobs; they are available in wide ranging fields like construction, health care, agriculture and tourism. Surveys show that students rate apprenticeship experience as highly valuable, and are content with the support the company they intern for gives them. Companies get energetic and enthusiastic labour free of cost. This arrangement is especially beneficial for the small companies with limited budgets.


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