Like most other island nations, Barbados offers its fair share of volunteering opportunities. The two main options include improving the community or protecting the environment, although some agencies recruit volunteers for researches on the local culture and population.

Volunteers can choose to work with children, either in orphanages or in retreats for the disabled. Those with a teaching background can also volunteer in schools. People with a health care degree or construction skills can also easily find a volunteering programme in Barbados.

Environment-oriented volunteering programmes focus mostly on marine conservations. Coastal clean-ups are quite popular and organised several times throughout the year. Other types of marine conservation programmes might require diving skills, but classes are typically included in the programme.


International volunteering agencies such as the Peace Corps or the United Nations also organise volunteering programmes in the area. Such programmes tend to be lengthier, up to two years; however, the ongoing support provided by such organisations is invaluable.

Accommodation and meals are typically covered by your programme fee. Lodging usually involves living with a host family, but sometimes volunteers are housed in specially designated buildings. Vaccinations and flight arrangements are up to the volunteer to secure and pay for.

Depending on the total duration of your volunteering programme, you might be required to apply for a visa. Your volunteering agency should be able to provide you with more information on the matter. 


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