Volunteering in Belarus allows you an opportunity to visit a country still caught in post-communist era, while making a positive contribution to a society. There are numerous projects available and depending on personal preferences, there is sure to be one suited to your needs.

Those who enjoy winter sports, the Ski for Orphans program requires volunteers to teach snowboarding and skiing basics to orphans. While you are at it, you can bring along any used ski clothes and related equipment that you no longer require for donation to the children. 

A conservation project in the “Belavezhskaya Pushcha” National Park can use helping hands. Volunteers help to develop eco-tours for the English speaking tourists. In return volunteers get to experience the great outdoors by camping in the woods and feeding bison, deer, elks and wild pigs. For animal lovers and Veterinary students the Animal Shelter Project may be the ideal choice. Volunteers are needed to help with general care of animals. 

Other volunteer options include placements in pre-health medical plans, or searching for WW2 remains on Belarusian soil. The region of Belarus near Chernobyl was seriously affected by the disaster in 1986. A number of camps in the area help families affected by the disaster. Volunteers are needed to help run the camps, raise donations and just spend time with the children residing there.

Volunteering to most of the projects means food and lodging will be provided. Volunteers can use their free time to explore the country.


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