The Cayman Islands have an excellent educational system starting from the preschool level all the way up to the university level. Regardless of a small local population the post-secondary institutions are at par with international standards and generally exceed those of other Caribbean neighbours. The beautiful location, tropical weather and beaches add to the attraction of attaining an education in the Cayman Islands for foreign students from around the globe. A large number of educational programs are offered in cooperation with universities in the US and the UK.

Other than the universities, a local non-profit organization offers summer study programs with aims of sustaining biodiversity of coral reefs. The program allows students gain an in-depth understanding of shallow marine life, coral reef, and coastal habitats. Students also participate in completing a joint research poster with the potential of being published at national or international conference. Course participants spend their days mastering coral identification and other marine biological techniques, as well as collecting data followed by discussions and lectures in the evenings.

Cayman Islands is an ideal location for studies of veterinary medicine as the islands have a rich wildlife with large animals with related companions and modern clinical facilities. Programs are conducted by a faculty of scientists having international recognition. Short term studies in Cayman Islands include learning how to snorkel and dive.

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce offers one or two day professional development courses geared towards helping businesses develop a vital asset, their employees. The comprehensive courses are cost effective.


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