British Virgin islands (BVI) are an enchanting place not to mention one with a highly developed economy. The islands are well known for the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and tropical climate. Students in the British Virgin Islands can enjoy all the country has to offer while pursuing their studies.

Students have two options for tertiary education in BVI. The can opt to study at the community college or attend the nation’s only university. There is also a vocational school. Students may earn an associate, bachelors, or master’s degrees. The university houses schools of business, liberal arts & social sciences, education, nursing and science & mathematics. Territory educational system is similar to that found in the United Kingdom since it is a territory of the U.K. with the school year running from September to June.

The large number of financial institutions based here offer students of finance an opportunity to gain experience through internships. The internships are not easy to come by due to the high level of competition, however does persistence pay off.

Another option is to discover the islands by taking part in summer Study Abroad at Sea programs. Programs of varying durations and areas of focus allow students to combine adventure with education. Participants also have the option of earning college credit in subjects like Marine Sciences, Oceanography and Speech Communication.


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