Swaziland is small beautiful country and an excellent study abroad location.

The largest institution in Swaziland is the University of Swaziland UNISWA established in 1982 by an act of parliament of the Kingdom of Swaziland. The institution has three campuses in Kwaluseni, Mbabane and Luyengo. The institution is mandated to tech, conduct research and undertake community services making appropriate for research within the nation. The institution offers both graduate and undergraduate programs through various faculties including agriculture, education, social sciences, humanities, commerce, science and engineering and commerce. The institutions research centre works toward technological advancement and sustainable development through excellent research programs.

For multimedia students interested in study in Swaziland, the Limkokwing University Swaziland is present in the country offering a number of courses including foundation, diploma, degree and post-graduate courses. The university’s mission is to empower young people with skills that will enable them shape the country’s future. The institution’s campus is located in the capital Mbabane. Among the popular courses offered include associate degrees in advertising, architectural design, business management, graphic design and hotel management.

In addition to the above prospective students in Swaziland can consider Enactus an organization that comprises students, academic and business leaders committed to suing entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better future. Enactus establishes various student programs in universities around the world in Australia, Canada, USA and University of Swaziland Luyengo and Kwaluseni, Nazarene college of education and the Swaziland College of technology.

In addition to universities, students can also register for internships in Swaziland to provide a work-study experience. Organizations such as the Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa ZEMA provide internships for theology students within Swaziland. Many other organizations also offer internships in the country suited for various needs. 


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