Sudan has many higher learning institutions that can facilitate study abroad for students who want a study experience away from their home country.

The Sudan International University is among the institutions in Sudan established in 1990. The institution is a reputable private University established to help develop well-rounded and competitive youth in Sudan. The University provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is renowned for both academic and international standards. The University has various faculties including management sciences, banking and economics, medical laboratory sciences, medicine, tourism, ICT among others.

The Future University of Sudan is also a good institution for individuals interested in study abroad. The institution established in 1991 introduced a new level of technology to higher learning institutions within the country. Since its inception, the institution has produced a number of reputable computer scientists and information technologists. The institution approved by the Ministry of Higher Education has the goal of becoming the focal point for technology studies within Africa. The institution intends to be at the heart of adoption and creation of sound policies through implementation of new and emerging technologies in Sudan.

In addition to the above institutions, students should consider studying at the University of Khartoum. The institutions roots can be traced to 1898 and the establishment of a Memorial college for General Gordon. He college was officially opened in 1902 and construction completed in 1903. The institution has graduated many reputable scholars who have made immense contributions in science and development including Professor Eltijani Elmahi, Professor Daoud Mustafa Khalid, Professor Ahmed Mohammed Hassan to name a few. Some of the faculties at the University including, humanities, medicine, natural resources, science and engineering, technological and development studies.

In addition to the above openings, internships are available in Sudan.


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