Namibia has many institutions that can cater for the higher education needs of both Africans and other international students. At the polytechnic of Namibia students can choose from a wide variety of disciplines including architecture, automotive, mechanical, and civil engineering among others in pursuit of a certificate, diploma or degree. The institution facilitates applications for bursaries for students from SADC countries. The university has various admission options that can suit international students studying abroad.

Another good Namibian University is University of Namibia-SARUA (Southern African Regional Universities Association) established in 1992. The institution has seven faculties namely agriculture, economics, education, humanities and social sciences, law, medicine and the faculty of science. The university has three campuses and eight regional centres. The institution has links with many Higher Education organizations such as the European University Association and the International association of universities. The institution is an offshoot of the University of Namibia (UNAM). Students interested in studying here can contact the institution for further arrangements.

In addition to the above institutions, international students can opt for internship in Namibia to complete studies. Conservation interns can assist in essential monitoring and research activities on dolphins along the coast. The Namibian Dolphin Project operates in collaboration with the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources undertakes research on the Heaviside, bottlenose and dusky dolphins. Medical students can also experience hands on work experience assisting a resident doctor and nurse in rural Namibia. In addition to these options prospective interns ca also consider organizations such as UNDP, WHO, Desert Research Foundation (DFRN) to name a few.


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