Though the DRC has suffered from poor leadership, the country has a number of institutions and partnerships that can facilitate study.

International students can choose from faith-based institution such as the Congo Protestant University in Kinshasa. The institution, an extension of a church ministry encourages students from all nationalities and faiths to enrol and study in the country. The strong religious foundation implies students at the institution receive a combination of academic and life skills.

The University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), Kisangani and Lubumbashi all came into being following the division of the National University of Zaire. The University of Kinshasa located in the capital of DRC is quite a large institution with over 25,000 students and 1500 research staff by 2006/07. The university is the construction site of the first Nuclear reactor in Africa. Though the project has been put on standby for international security reasons, the institution remains a good place to study regional nuclear studies and technology. In addition to the Faculty of Science the university has nine other faculties and a wide range of programs.

The DRC has over 10 public universities and even more private universities that international students can choose from to facilitate study in the country. Another major public institution initially an extension of UNIKIN is the University of Bandundu. The institution located in Bandundu province and has a small student population (800 as of 2012). The university has six faculties and is excellent for a teaching internship or short French course.


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