Like many Oceanic islands, Comoros has a variety of unique and serene locations to study birds. The rough sponsorship of organizations such as Durrell wildlife conservation trust, individuals can visit islands and study the bird species. This organization supports students from African and international universities. For example, one of the recipients of the grants is a student of the Univeriste Libre de Burkina Faso to support a master’s study project on the island of Anjouan.

In addition to grants, institutions such as the Bemidji State University from Minnesota have long-standing partnership agreements with the University of Comoros to facilitate study abroad. The program founded in 2003 facilitates immediate exchange for faculty staff at both institutions. For students pursuing advanced degrees such an opportunity can contribute to their internship and provide international exposure. The full program facilitating exchange of both faculty and staff is due to begin spring 2014.

The Comoros islands were originally an essential part of the sea trade route frequented by Indonesia, Arabia and Africa prior to European occupation. Due to this, the population has mixed ancestry and is a suitable location for individuals who may want to study genetic diversity. In the absence of an institution or funds to facilitate research, interested students can visit the country as volunteers and complete their research projects. Organizations such as ECDD often assist students from universities complete research while enlisted as volunteers.

In addition to genetic diversity, the location of the island makes it very suitable for various research projects involving marine life and the marine ecosystem. Other areas of study worth exploring include research on the country’s main export crops such as vanilla, cloves and ylang-ylang. It is probable that with improved seeds and husbandry methods identified through research farmers can enjoy greater yield and earn more income.


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