Employers in the United States are allowed to hire foreign workers provided it is of benefit to the U.S economy. Labour laws ensure that such employments do not adversely affect the U.S. worker. To be able to work in the country, you must have a visa, which is dependent on having a job offer first. The visas are divided into five categories starting with permanent labour at the top, then professional workers, temporary labour (seasonal agricultural) and temporary labour (non agriculture) and finally crewmembers. Depending on your skill set, an appropriate visa is issued.

After several years of slow economy, employers are now just beginning to start hiring again. There is an increase in the demand for housing which leads to the need for employees to build them. Professional degrees most in demanded include Finance, Computer, Accounting, Business management, and Information Sciences. 

While finding a job may not be easy for a newcomer to the U.S.A, with a little effort it is very achievable. The best option is to start with the multitude of online employment services or the local newspapers. The online sites have vast databases that you can use for free. Recruitment agencies are also an option, but they tend to be on the expensive side.

Students who wish to take a gap year or work just for a summer can join summer camps. The specifics differ, but jobs can range from counselling to teaching or work in the kitchen areas. Au Paining is also a common casual job for students in summer. Other options include work in amusement parks, retail stores, National Parks or even in hotels as staff.


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