The professional job market in the United Kingdom has been dismal at best for the last few years. However, according to the latest analysis it seems that British workforce is ready to leave “intensive care”. The IT sector and almost every advertised method of making a living has grown by 5% over the last six months. Employers are not only raising salaries of existing employees but hiring new staff. There is a major shortage of skilled professionals in the manufacturing sector and the small companies are the ones who suffer the most. Employers are requesting that foreign labour should be allowed to fill the positions.

The best way to start a job in the U.K is to begin as a temporary worker. A “temp” or entry-level job in the UK normally extends into a permanent one. In fact some employers consider a temporary contract to be a “probationary” period. Job seekers can start their job search with vacancy boards at career centres; they even help to set up interviews. Job fairs, government sponsored agencies and professional recruiters are some other methods.

Foreign students can also work during the time they are enrolled to study. They can work up to 10 hours during the semester and full time when they are off for holiday. If you can find it, even course-related placements and internships are possible which may lead to permanent placements. Most of the time students will have to work at minimum wage jobs like stores, or call centres.


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