Tunisia has a diverse economy driven by agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing. Due to this, the economy has significant opportunity for people seeking to see the world by finding jobs abroad. In addition to long stretches of beach in the country, Tunisia has many historic sites drawing large numbers of tourists. The lucrative tourism sector in the country employ chefs, DJ’s, animators and other staff from all over the world.

Working in Tunisia is worth considering due to the very low standard of living. In Tunisia, food, water and electricity are very cheap. It is reported you can rent a decent three bed roomed apartment in some areas of Tunis for as little as 80 GBP monthly.

Tunisia has reasonable quantities of petroleum, which suggest there are jobs for interested applicants in the sector. Some of the jobs that may exist in Tunisia include those of mining technicians, scaffolding, and other mining related jobs.

In addition to the petroleum industry, Tunisia is said to be a perfect place to set up a business. Among the reasons for this is the diverse culture in the country that encourages Tunisians to sample all things foreign. Second hand clothes are also widely used and make for good business in Tunisia. The standard of living is also suitable for people with skills that can allow them to run home based businesses such as an online computer based business, hairdressing or beauty.

If you run a wedding planning or event management Tunisia may be ideal for your business. Tunisians are known to throw very lavish weddings. Another good business is property management. On an annual basis, many Algerians cross the border for summer and often prefer to rent property rather than use hotels. To identify suitable jobs in the country one can browse the job search engines on the internet or consider intracompany transfer for corporations with a presence in Tunisia.


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