South Africa has a solid manufacturing base, research and development facilities, political stability, and natural resources, thus allowing it to boast of having the best economy on the African continent. When most of the world is struggling to keep its head above water, South Africa is enjoying a growing economy. This translates to good job potential for foreign workers in South Africa.

The hospitality industry is a good source of work. It is easy to find work in the vibrant pubs, restaurants and nightclubs of Cape Town. Backpacking industry is another good option for foreign workers. Due to the flexible work arrangements in these sectors, there is plenty of time leftover to sample the night life, beaches and parks of South Africa.

Professional jobs are frequently available in South Africa because many young South Africans prefer to go abroad; leaving a vacuum that is filled by expatriates. To attract foreign workers, the South African immigration services offer a variety of temporary living and working permits.

People interested in working in South Africa will find it beneficial to browse through the Home Affairs Department’s list of occupations which are in high demand. This will help to increase their chances of finding a job once they enter the country. Many companies have affiliations with, or may be subsidiaries of South African corporations. Applicants working in such companies can be transferred to the desired jobs in South Africa.

Some of the other well developed industries where foreign workers can find employment include motor vehicle, mining, and tourism. The best way to find jobs in these sectors is to look at advertisements in the various search engines. Working in South Africa can be a rewarding experience.


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