Austria is often described as being the heart of Europe. Like the manner in which our heart pumps purified blood to all the other vital organs, this nation continues to give life to the cultural, political and artistic channels of Europe like it has done for centuries. Do you want to study in this seemingly diminutive country and walk the same paths of glory that led many genius minds to explore the horizons of knowledge, fame and fortune?

There is no dearth of literary influences in this land-locked European country and given its rich cultural heritage, it is a Mecca of learning for students of music, art and architecture. Higher education in this country is provided through a relatively sizeable network of colleges and universities and portals of knowledge are open not just for native Austrians and Europeans but for knowledge seekers the world over. German forms an important part of curriculum here and is a must for all applicants.

Courtesy of its amicable image, Austria is a haven for international students and for many of them the main attraction entails participation in advanced research programs, an opportunity that is often out of reach in other countries. The best part is that all students, whether native or international, are free to express their views in a newspaper dedicated solely to their community named ‘Progress’. So if you have an innovative idea then express it in the publication and watch it burgeon into a full grown concept.


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