Uganda is an East African nation often referred to as the pearl of Africa. This relatively small landlocked nation offers many opportunities for visiting foreigners for business and employment.

Employment opportunities abound in the many multinationals that have offices in the country; some examples include Barclays, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Shell, Henkel and many others. Challenges in Uganda include expansion of the coffee sector, urban development and infrastructure and can easily be useful and exciting for expats seeking to build a performance oriented reputation.

The country’s growing economy often has opportunities for entry positions into senior positions finance, agro-technology, telecommunications, petroleum processing and manufacturing owing to technological and advanced process technology from the western world.

For information on jobs, applicants can browse the positions advertised on job portals such as,, or Also visit the job section on The International Wanderer’s website.  However, landing that lucrative job will often require a well-crafted and up-to-date resume, portfolio and/or profiles. Further information for interested job seekers from East Africa can be found from the East African Community Secretariat.

From a typically African vibrant capital city to the source of the Nile, Uganda has so much to offer both expats and travellers from around the world.. Those considering a work related trip to Uganda, do not leave without sampling diverse African cuisine and pick up some of the unique Ugandan garments and carvings as memoirs.

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