Rwanda is a small country in central Africa fondly known as the land of a thousand hills. In the 90’s the country underwent serious conflict and currently is making efforts to rebuild. Due to this, there are a number of opportunities and prospects in the country.

Following the conflict, several non-governmental international organizations moved into the country to provide much needed support. Today many still remain and are engaged in various community and development activities in the country. The main activities of most NGO’s in the country revolve around HIV/AIDS, health care and education. For this reason, professionals, especially those interested in community development projects and management have many opportunities to work in Rwanda. Rwanda is among the poorest countries in the world based on the human development index ranking.

In addition to non-governmental organizations, many businesses from within Africa have started to set up offices within the country. Government reforms have made the country one of the easiest locations to set up an office. Institutions such banks and major retail outlets have recently established a presence in the country opening up intra-company transfer options. For aviation professionals, jobs exist within the offices of several regional air companies serve the nation.

The country’s game parks are home to many primate species and the endangered mountain gorilla. For researchers and conservation experts Rwanda’s game parks and the related organizations can be a great way to visit the country. The country’s government is very dedicated to rebuilding this nation and the tranquillity is the country has continued to grow annually.

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