Gabon is a beautiful country located in West Africa. Due to the vast amount of natural resources it possesses, the country has a relatively high per capita income. Gabon has a beautiful rainforest covering as much as 80% of the country. The rainforest is home to many species of birds and other wildlife. Due to the nature of industrialization, Gabon has become a major place of interest for conservation workers. People interested in environmental conservation projects will find that organizations such as WCS operating in Gabon have much to offer.

In addition to conservation work, Gabon’s petroleum sector promises many opportunities for professionals in this sector. A brief look at available opening in Gabon on will reveal many positions in the country. Some of the possibilities include well technicians and engineers, supervisors among others.

Around 2010, the Gabonese government unveiled a plan to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure. This was prompted by then upcoming CAN games to be hosted in Gabon. The fifteen-year infrastructure contract was awarded to Bechtel. The company has since established a strong presence in Gabon and can provide jobs for professionals in engineering. In addition to this, Gabon has a well-established research team investigating Ebola within its borders. This presents an interesting opportunity for researcher who may be interested in the disease or related research projects. Gabon is also mainly French speaking and TEFL certified teachers are bound to find a large market of English students within the country. Gabon is a great destination to consider for gap year work, work-study and related career prospects.


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