It has to be said that finding work in Honduras may not be so easy. People sent by multinational companies to work in Honduras have no problems with visa requirements or job hunting. As there is a high incidence of unemployment in the country, with one of the poorest economies in the region, it would be safe to say that every job would be fiercely contested.

Probably the easiest work to get is teaching English. Many schools or language institutes are very happy to have native English speakers to teach children or adults. Some places may require qualifications such as ESL or TEFL, but some will also take people who can demonstrate a good level of education. Also, there are positions on the elementary and secondary levels for qualified teachers. In some of the better bilingual schools they are offering one to two years contracts.

Another type of work is in the voluntary sector. As there are many voluntary organizations to choose from your skills can be put to use where they are most needed. For that type of work you may need a temporary work visa, but they can be arranged through the organization you are going to work for. Traditionally, the hospitality industry offers many chances of casual or seasonal jobs.

The local employment websites offer many positions with the English language as a requirement. The positions range from wine waiters to executives. One interesting part-time job, recently advertised was for a soccer match reporter. The necessary requirements were willingness to attend matches, access to a computer and knowledge of soccer.


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