Many people wish to move to Grenada due the lifestyle if offers, the year round sunny weather, and the pristine beaches. However in-order to survive one has to work, but be advised that unemployment is higher than the average in western countries. Foreigners wishing to work in the Grenada will need a work permit, which is obtained through the Department of Labor. The permits are valid for one year and may be renewed annually. The process of obtaining a permit is instigated by the employer hence it is best to have a job lined before entering the country.

Some possible job options in Grenada for foreigners include teaching in an academy. There are quite a few language academies and centers in Grenada and surrounding areas. This is the best option for entry-level job when foreigners first enter the country without job in hand. September/October and January/February are usually when new teachers hired. Private teaching is another option. It affords one the option of setting their own schedule, also you get to set the price and keep all the money the student pays. However, finding students can be a bit of an issue at the start. Additionally there may be the issue of finding a suitable teaching environment and investment in class materials.

It appears as if there are thousands of bars and restaurants that offer potential work opportunities in Grenada, but there are also multitudes of people ready to fill these jobs. A lot of the smaller establishments tend to be family owned and their labour force is made up of sisters, wives, children, cousins etc. The more established chains and larger bars have a higher demand for workers but the working conditions are usually below standard.

The island has a number of chain stores with established HR departments that hire workers. However, the chances of foreigners landing a job here are limited. Smaller boutique shops and business too provide an option for work. However they usually hire a very limited number of workers and tend to be tightly run. Employment here is at the discretion of the owner.

Other job options include working for a multinational company, but keep in mind that Grenada only has a handful of these. Technology has made the world a smaller place and increasingly people are succeeding at working remotely. Depending on whom you are working for, you might have to keep odd working hours. Starting your own business tends to be one of the most viable options for foreigners on the island. While the number of jobs in Grenada may be limited, there are many opportunities for new business.


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