For the past decade, Ecuador’s economy has grown at a steady rate, superior to that of the other Latin American countries. Because of its stable economy, this South American nation has started piquing the interest of foreigners looking for employments.

The two most prolific industries in the country are the oil sector and agriculture, so expats looking for work have a higher chance of getting hired in these particular fields. Other sectors which are growing include electronics, construction, machinery, and chemicals. Other options for expats include working for a multi-national organisation with branches or offices in Ecuador or the tourism industry.

If you’re Spanish is not too good, don’t worry, as there are several options for you as well. If you have the right certificates, you can apply for a position as an English or German teacher. Some restaurants, cafes, and bars are also interested in hiring personnel fluent in English, who can better deal with the customers.

For most jobs, the salaries might not seem very high to a foreigner, especially one arriving from Europe or North America, but they are more than enough to cover your cost of living in Ecuador. The typical working week is 40 hours, or 8 hours a week, but this may vary from one job position to another.

After securing a job with an Ecuadorian employer, you will generally be asked to sign a contract for a tryout period, which lasts for three months. Afterwards, you can sign a one-year contract, which is renewable. In order to more easily secure your work visa for Ecuador, you can contact a barrister.


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