Chad located in North Central Africa is a poor nation that has suffered both civil conflict and harsh climatic conditions. Due to the ongoing conflict in the neighbouring Darfur region in Sudan, over 200,000 people fled into Chad and are currently living in 12 camps in the country. Because of this and similar conditions many large international organizations are active in Chad and can be useful in finding work. Organization such as CORD, UNDP, UNHCR, UKAID and many other can provide an avenue to get to live and work in Chad.

Another organization worth considering is the Safer Birth in Chad foundation. This organization helps to deal with the fact that maternal healthcare in Chad is very poor. According to statistics, 1 in 14 women in the country die undergoing childbirth. For individuals interested in working the country such organizations may serve as a platform trough internships or available openings.

The haunting and lasting effects of war such as damaged public facilities have drawn some Christian agencies to Chad. Organizations such as Mission: Chad have come into the country to assist widows and orphans in the country. For people with strong personal conviction to the Christian faith this organization provides a clear opportunity to serve in Christ’s Ministry.

Another organization drawn to Chad owing to the plight of its citizens is AmeriCares. The organization deal with critical health issues such as HIV/AIDS, respiratory diseases and malnutrition in children. In organization such as this one, where opportunities to go to the country and participate may be limited there are options of beginning office campaigns for the cause, in kind donations, donation of medical supplies and many partnership oriented means of working with the organization.


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