With the resurgence of turmoil in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2013, any person interested in working in the country will be a journalist or aid worker. Though the coup was peaceful, the military government is bound to have caused some shivers and sent many refugees scampering across borders.

The CAR’s neighbours such as Cameroon have UNHCR camps within their borders and applying to work here may provide means to access the country. Another major international organization in CAR is the ICRC. The organization, renowned for its efforts in many countries in times of conflict is already offering medical and food relief to victims in CAR. Though conflict may not be the best time to look for work, it is understood that professionals such as doctors and nurses can earn an opportunity to earn much needed international experience. The organization in many cases establishes secure camps in conflict areas and is likely to be capable of ensuring individual security.

In addition to the ICRC, the International Rescue Committee or IRC is also active within the country. The CAR has been plagued by recurrent conflict for more than a decade and the 2013 incident has once again raised fears within the country. Some of the problems that have emerged include shortages of food and other essential commodities such as fuel and medical supplies. Just as in the case of the ICRC, the IRC has established itself in the country and is busy trying to ensure suffering does not get out of hand. Though many of its activities may have stalled, health services offered by the IRC are a suitable way to get into and work in CAR.


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