Economically speaking, Bermuda is a thriving island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean, meaning that foreigners stand a good chance of securing employment in the area. The country has a large ex-pat community, with most foreigners working in accounting, insurance, finances, tourism, and landscaping. Job preference is typically given to locals, but as long as you can prove your value and skills, you should be able to secure a job in the nation.

Offshore financing represents a great employment opportunity for foreigners. A large number of international insurance organisations operate in Bermuda and they are more open to hiring foreigners than many local institutions. People with past experience in the field are preferred.

Tourism is a main contributor to Bermuda’s economy and there are typically plenty of job offers. Foreigners can take up a myriad of positions, from travel guides and receptionists to bartenders and scuba diving instructors.

Bermuda charges no corporate income tax, meaning that starting your own business on the island can prove a lucrative endeavour. If this seems appealing to you, it is recommended that you find a local Bermuda businessman to either join forces with you or offer you some advice on how to open your own venture in the country.

All non-citizens are required to obtain their work permit prior to being able to hold a job in Bermuda. Check with a local embassy for more information. Your future employer should be able to help you with the process. 


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